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This is the video section where I will post video clips. I will not be hosting them on my own webspace as they will consume too much bandwidth. So I will hyperlink to the file hosted by Rapid Share.

To obtain the DivX codec see HERE.

Helen Flanagan showing some quality cleavage in a white top - DivX 12.3 MB's 1 Min 17 Secs


Katherine Kelly in a sexy black minidress and black tights on That Antony Cotton Show - DivX 33.4 MB's 3 Mins 29 Secs


Helen Flanagan in a very, very short skirt - DivX 36.2 MB's 3 Mins 45 Secs

Helen Flanagan being a little minx and teasing poor John the teacher. Quality - DivX 31.0 MB's 3 Mins 15 Secs


Helen Flanagan video

Helen Flanagan in a sexy nightie - DivX 17.7 MB's 1 Min 51 Secs

Lucy Evans getting a drink spilt on her and taking her top off to reveal her red bra - DivX 10.6 MB's 1 Min 06 Secs


Helen Flanagan in a very short red skirt and a low cut white top - Mpeg2 41.1 MB's 2 Mins 49 Secs (Note: This video is in Mpeg2 format as it's from ITV2 coverage and is best viewed with a software DVD player such as WinDVD or PowerDVD or a player such as VLC media player.)


Helen Flanagan in her undies trying to get Tony in the mood - DivX 4.70 MB's 29 Secs

Alison King teasing Tony with a view of her stockings - DivX 9.55 MB's 59 Secs

Kym Marsh and Helen Flanagan in sexy black dresses - DivX 61.7 MB's 5 Mins 36 Secs


Kym Marsh flashing a bit of boob and naked soapy body to Jake the handyman as her towel falls down after getting out of the bath to save him from falling off her roof - DivX 47.0 MB's 4 Mins 17 Secs

Helen Flanagan dressed as a roller-girl for her new job as a promotions girl - DivX 16.5 MB's 1 Min 29 Secs

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